Schedule of Events for 2018


Date & TimeEventLocation
1 Feb 19:00 Club meeting: Yellow - The Colour MBA Building
Feb Outing: Street Photography TBA
1 Mar 19:00 Club meeting: Long Exposures - Low light or movement MBA Building
 Mar No outing TBA
5 Apr 19:00 Club meeting: Street Photography - Must include a human element MBA Building
Apr Outing: Architecture TBA
3 May 19:00 Club meeting: Anything Metal - Feel the texture MBA Building
May No outing TBA
7 Jun 19:00 Club meeting: Architecture - Buildings and structures MBA Building
Jun Workshop: Table Top TBA
5 Jul 19:00 Club meeting: Backlight - Natural or studio  MBA Building
Jul No outing TBA
2 Aug 19:00 Club meeting: Table Top - Food, flowers, utensils MBA Building
Aug Workshop: Macro/Close-up TBA
6 Sep 19:00 Club meeting: Black & White - No colour MBA Building
Sep Outing: Scapes TBA
4 Oct 19:00 Club meeting: Macro/Close-up - Focusing on the detail MBA Building
Oct Workshop: Portraits TBA
1 Nov 19:00 Club meeting: Scapes - Land, sea or city MBA Building
Nov No outing TBA
7 Dec Club meeting: Portraits - Self, people, animals TBA